Restless Development, Ruvuma conducted training for CAG members from all 15 wards where we operate each ward was represented by two members. The training was targeted at improving the business skills of community action group members, under Restless Development, Livelihoods component. The training was co facilitated by Restless Development and an external facilitator between 20th-22nd march 2012.

Mapping out expectations at the start of the Training.

What community action group members learned at the training:

• Business 101-the purpose of owning a business and categories of businesses

• Marketing: So…how do you create the demand for your business?

• Costing and Pricing: How do you cost and determine the price for your product? Is it worth producing? What are the challenges?

• Record Keeping: How do you keep and manage your business records?

• Business Management: What it takes, potential challenges, qualities of successful business people and value addition.

Simulating a real business situation: Practical application to business by CAGs


• CAG members have low business skills while they are already in business one way or another.

• It is important that we do follow-up on the action plan developed by participants during field support.

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By Restless Development Tanzania.

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