An amazing week training inspirational young people across the world!


From Frank Harle, Senior Manager of Programmes at Restless Development Tanzania:

I was privileged to have been invited to lead a number of sessions for the 9th Staying Alive Foundation (SAF) Workshop which took place from 22 April to 1 May 2012 in Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

This year there were 28 participants attending from 14 organisations in 12 countries – including from as far afield as Mongolia and Peru – as well as some amazing groups more locally from Kenya.  The workshop was delivered by 8 facilitators from 5 Restless Development country programmes as well as 2 SAF staff members and additional support staff.  The workshop was specifically designed for SAF grantees to enable small organisations that were all working on HIV and AIDS prevention and young people in their respective countries to increase the scale and effectiveness of their inspirational work by building their capacity in five key areas:

• Strategy & Planning

• Monitoring & Evaluation

• Financial Management

• Media & Marketing

• Resource Mobilisation and Partnerships 

I led the delivery of the module in Strategy and Planning with my colleague Chanda from Zambia,  and supported my colleague Christina, from Zimbabwe in the Financial Management sessions.  It was an amazing opportunity learning from the amazing work being completed by such inspiring young people from all over the world – and I was given a great insight into how we can use this training package to support our own youth-led organisations that are working in Tanzania – as part of our Building a Stronger Youth Sector approach across Restless Development – but specifically of course in our country programme in Tanzania. 

After the workshop, each facilitator was assigned to an organisation as a mentor where we agreed to work together for 6 months following the workshop to implement a 6-month Action Plan to build on the learning’s from the workshop and ensure that the training was kept alive as the start of a journey rather than a one-off isolated event!

Are you a youth focussed organisation in Tanzania that would like to receive training and support in the areas outlined above?

Please contact frank: and let us know!


By Restless Development Tanzania.

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