SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY MONITORING: Building capacities of youth serving organizations in Tanzania.

“On to your marks, get set, Go!”  

If you look closely at the cartoon here-under, then you will appreciate the enormity of the social problems we face in Tanzania. The questions to ask ourselves are;

  1. Do we not have rights that need to be upheld?
  2. Are we conscious of these rights as citizens of Tanzania?
  3. Are we doing anything about these rights when they are violated by those who have the mandate to protect them?

Access to public services is a human right. However, as citizens we have the responsibility to seek such services so that we preserve our rights. Think about it this way! (a hypothetical case)

“ Tshs 1 Billion was budgeted for in 2011 budget to do the following in Matatizo district: Build a new clinic to support safe deliveries for women, and to start a loan scheme for young people to establish and grow income generating activities. We have realized, through evidence that the funds were re-allocated to build a road, which was not prioritized by the community, while some amounts cannot be traced.  Meanwhile, the problems of unsafe deliveries, infant mortality and, youth unemployment has become worse. What are we supposed to do?”[1]

Depending on your capabilities and the modus operandi, the following are common remedies;

  • Write a proposal seeking for funding for the two projects (CSOs approach)
  • Complain about how your district is marginalized, problems of corruption and the government should be serious with development (Common Mwananchi)
  • Approach (as individual or collective) those accountable and seek explanations and justifications for change (conscious mzalendo)

Participants at the SAM workshop in Dodoma, 29th May 2012

 It is with these challenging questions and concerns that Restless Development, through its Programme Quality Unit, facilitated a SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY MONITORING (SAM) workshop in Dodoma, for youth led/serving organizations from 15 organizations working in 13 different regions of Tanzania.

With the mutual consensus that right based approach, must be mainstreamed in social accountability and monitoring thereof, and commitments by participating organizations to walk the talk and intensify monitoring of social accountability issues in Tanzania, at least some changes in attitudes and behaviours towards use of public resources will be a GUARANTEE.

What are you doing about it?

If your organization is interested in Social Accountability Monitoring let us know <>


[1] Read the CAG reports 2010-11 to understand that the statement may not be hypothetical after all <;

By Restless Development Tanzania.

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