Ruvuma Regional Programme Office coordinated a district-level training in May 2012 for teacher-counselors (teachers with counseling responsibilities in project schools).

The training need was identified from monitoring information during programming with the aim to: Enhance teachers’ contribution to management of teenage pregnancies; Reduce HIV incidences and,  Encourage students to adopt positive behaviours and make informed decisions.

Teachers from Tunduru district listening to the presentation on characteristics of a good counselor during the training.

Why was this training deemed necessary in Ruvuma?

  • There were concerns about lack of cooperation from teachers and low support to community volunteers in following up on classroom peer education in some schools.
  • Some teachers had been transferred to other schools, or had passed away and a gap was created that needed to be filled
  • Other teachers were promoted to be head of schools, with competing responsibilities and therefore, the need to provide capacities to others to take-up the counseling role in the school.

Teachers from Mbinga District engrossed in one of the tasks during the training

 What the Teachers said!!

“Thanks to Restless Development for volunteering to carry out this training. I’m happy, I have learnt a lot that I did not know before on the importance of helping our students”  Digna Millinga (Utwango secondary school-Msindo Ward, Namtumbo district

Different events that took place during teachers’ training at Namtumbo District.

What the staff said!!

“I feel happy to make teachers understand that they are the key people who are looked upon by the majority of young people who are in school”. The lesson I have learnt is that we have to influence the government especially the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) to train teachers and give them relevant circulars on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues”.

Blogged by Happy Timbuka, APC-Ruvuma

By Restless Development Tanzania.

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