Entrepreneurship training to Youth Groups

Youth Enterpreneurship Group

Entrepreneurship training to youth groups was conducted for three days consecutively, from 15th – 17th August 2012. There were 20 participants representatives from seven (7) groups namely Chanika, Kisarawe, Vingunguti, Buguruni, Mburahati, Mbagala, and Kawe, Each group were represented by three participants.  Two youth groups (Kitunda and Kigamboni) didn’t attend due to unavoidable circumstances. The Training covered two Topics, Transformation and Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI). Groups representatives are obliged to submit report to there respective groups and deliver what they were trained for the benefit of the entire group. Youth groups are anticipated to start up there businesses and there will be a follow up plan from the trainers.


  • To transform young people’s ideas and attitudes towards self employment.
  • To assist and enable young people generate their business Ideas.
  • To create the group of young people who can work on their business ideas and create employment opportunities to their fellow youth.
  • To help young people become early adaptors to development initiatives, seek opportunities and walk towards them.
  • To help youth groups to have better understanding of their environments so as to solicit possible opportunities surrounding them for generation of viable business ideas.


  • With GYB t training participants were seemingly to be highly motivated to start their businesses and become entrepreneurs.
  • Transformation help participants erase negative attitudes which they have carried on demolishing them and started to see how positive attitude can be useful to turn some of problems facing them to be opportunities.
  •  Most of participants turned their attention from being dependants and job seekers to start seeing that entrepreneurship is possible and they can confidently walk towards it as solution to their lives but viable strategies is needed and free consultation from experts.
  • They become aware on the issue that they are main actors of their development and they should not expect and wait for someone to come and develop them.
  • Participants saw the importance of creating development platforms at their group’s level and create a viable network with every group existing in the community (The elites, the better off group and the silent majority).
  • Participants left the training room with passion of creating group business and training others on the knowledge they acquire form this training back to their community.


  • Representatives from two youth groups didn’t attend due to unpreventable circumstances.
  • Time and content was inversely proportional (Time was not enough for the package to be well delivered)
  • Some participants were slow learners therefore trainers were compelled to draw special attention to them.
  • Low level of commitment and seriousness for some participants.
  • Late comers for some participants from far places like Chanika, so we faced a risk of delay and late starting.
  • Different backgrounds of the participants led to slow interaction among themselves and slow change of their attitudes.


  • Next training should be in door training for five days so as to avoid destructors like late comers, delivering large package within a short time, and create good learning environment for participants.
  • Closest follow up plan after the training.
  • Support to be given to these new youth groups.

“I started business just because someone was doing along my street and finally it collapsed, but now I know how to generate my own concrete viable business idea rather than just starting a business because someone is doing”

By Restless Development Tanzania.

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