Mabinti Tushike Hatamu-Mradi Mpya

Girls, Let’s be Leaders


Restless Development in partnership with UNICEF and the Tanzania AIDS Commission is launching a ground breaking pilot initiative aimed at unleashing adolescent girls’ agency in Tanzania.

Adolescent girls make up 75% of HIV positive youth in Tanzania and two thirds of unemployed youth

30% of young women believe a husband or partner is justified to beat her if she denies him sex

44% of adolescent girls are mothers of pregnant by the age of 19

28% of girls experience sexual violence during childhood compared to 15% of boys

Only 37% of girls progress to secondary school compared to 45% of boys, and are more likely to drop out


The ‘Mabinti Tushike Hatamu!’ project will test, evaluate and share strategies for reducing the vulnerability of adolescent out-of-school females aged 10-19 to HIV and AIDS, pregnancy and violence.

It will directly support over 7000 out of school adolescent girls from Iringa, Mbeya and Dar Es Salaam over the next two and a half years. We will focus on four core themes which include:

  • Addressing societal and cultural norms
  • Strengthening economic resilience
  • Improving access to core basic services
  • Strengthening systems for safety and protection

Utilising our unique community based youth to youth peer education and capacity building approach to development combined with systems strengthening and community engagement (strong focus on men and boys), we will aim to model a new programming framework in Tanzania to deliver for girls.

Get in touch with us at or follow our progress online at

By Restless Development Tanzania.

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